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Spirit of the Drum
2 & 3 Juli 2016 , Amsterdam

Oheyo Genero!

Be welcome to join us in exploring our drums in a shamanic way.

These 2 days we'll work intensively with the drums. We'll build up understanding in how to use the drums and how to connect with it on a conscious level. The drum has been a vehicle for the spirit for more than 40.000 years.

We'll do initiations, ceremonies and healings with the drum and of course drum a lot.

We will work with ancestors and totems and different other personal medicines, so we can integrate the drum into our lives.
There will be also teachings about the practical stuff about different drums, their sounds and the effect of different drumsticks, etc.
After this weekend you will know a lot about using your drum and setting up ceremonies with it.

This seminar will be given by Silver Wolf Drum.

Also Arjan Wolf Walker, a very good drummaker, will be there to show us some ins and outs of the drums and how to adjust yours if necessary.



Of course bring your shaman drum. (And in case you don't have one yet, this may be a good moment)

Guidance by: Silver Wolf Drum
Where: Amsterdam
Dates & Times: za 2 July 10.00 - 18.00, zo 3 July 10.00 - 17.00
Costs: €175,-

For more info or registration please mail to info@zilverlicht.nl
Please register before 1st of June