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Sweatlodges with the Little People
Mountain Dwarfs, Forest elfs and Waterbeings
2nd & 3rd of June 2018

This weekend we will do two ceremonies with the Magical Beings of the Earth.

The first Lodge will be a ceremony, where we will invite the Dwarfs of the Mountains and the Elves and the Nature Spirits of the Forests. These Beings have the knowledge of great harmony on this earth.
They will show us the Ancient Songlines of the Earth and of the Universe and how to communicate with the ancient beings of the Deep earth, beings of which the names are long forgotten.


The Second Lodge will be a magical lodge with the Waterspirits.
They are bringers of Pure Joy and Beauty. The art of being in the moment, in Innocence. To be cleansed by the water, and the sparkle of the light through the moving water.

Dates: Saturdays 2nd of June 2018 10.00 till Sundays 3rd of June 2018 around 21.00.

Location: Hilvarenbeek

Offer of exchange for the whole weekend: €175,-
This is including organic meals and sleeping overnight in the Teepee or in your own tent.

For participation you can email us.