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Raven Sweatlodge and the Bringers of Starlight
24th of November 2018

O-Hey-O Genero,

We continue after the Crow's Lodges into the Ravenslodge.
The Ravens are the big brothers of the Crows and are Beings that live in 2 realities at the same time. They are translating directly from the unending into the fysical reality, and help not only with seeing the truth of all things, but also in carying this truth into the fysical reality.

The Ravens are the Bringers of Starlight and carry The Star Children coming to the Physical Universe and to this Earth on their back.

This is a special time in which The Starchildren are being born and the gates are being opened on this earth. In this way the Ravens will align the earth with the flow of the Starchildren to come.
The Ravens are the bringers of Magic and of Unending Possibilities.




The Sweatlodge will be led by Silver Wolf Drum
Where: Hilvarenbeek, Noord-Brabant
When: Saturday 24th of July 10.00 h till 23.00 h.
Offer of exchange: € 100,-

Organic food is included and you can stay overnight in a Tent.

For participation you can email us.