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Sweatlodges with The Ancestors and The Thunderbeings
8 & 9 September 2018

This weekend we will be doing two sweatlodge-ceremonies with the primal power of existence.


In most sweatlodges that we do, we invite the Ancestors within the lodge for the first round, the round of the North. This gives a foundation of strength to the whole ceremony.

This time we will be doing an entire ceremony with the Ancestors. Four rounds of singing and sweating with the Ancestors, becoming real, transforming, feeling the power flow through us.
Standing upright in truth and in connection with all the living medicine around us.

These are the Ancestors of the Original Earth. Those who wander barefoot over an earth that is unspoiled, without frontiers, in freedom and in dignity.

Untie the bounds of illusions and misunderstandings and roles, and open up for the flow of truth, of the real, of awakening and the flames of love.

The sweatlodge of the Ancestors will be followed by the sweatlodge of the Thunderbeings.

This is the first time that we are doing a sweatlodge with the Thunderbeings.

They are very strong powerful entities, older than any being on Earth.

Their movements are the sound of the thunder, the origin of all sound.

Every drum is an honoring, a direction-finder to the origin of sound. It's the Thunderbeings who bring the drums to life by connecting them with the thunder and the lightning.

The Thunderbeings shake and shatter any foundation. And, just like sound opens up, the Thunderbeings open up the doors of existence, for the unending to come through.



Make sure you bring your drum, so it can be loaded with the great medicine of the Thunderbeings.

The two sweatlodges are a good match - with the strength of the Ancestors we can approach the Thunderbeings. Nevertheless you are also welcome to join for only one day.

Date: 8 September 2018 from 10.00 till 9 September 2018 around 21.00

Location: Hilvarenbeek

Offer of exchange for the whole weekend: €175,-
This is including organic meals and sleeping overnight in the Teepee or in your own tent.

For participation you can email us.