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Sweatlodge with the Heart
11 May 2019

O-Hey-O Genero,

For sure any sweatlodge ceremony touches the heart. This time the entire ceremony is directed towards expansion of the heart and allowing the heart to be in its true potential.

For healing and sincerity we allow and embrace what is, whatever it is. From there you can really be touched by existence. By beauty, or by the light, or the heart that shines through existence.

You are so welcome to join and be part of this stunning ceremony.



This Sweatlodge with the Heart is connected with the Midwinter Intensive in December.
During the Midwinter Intensive we also celebrate the heart in the sweatlodge, with the Path of the Heart, shown to us by the Winter Deer. That may be called the teaching of the backside the heart. Amazingly beautiful as well.
This sweatlodge in May will touch a different part of the heart. Both ceremonies together make up the complete Medicine of the Heart.
You are most welcome to embrace and connect these teachings and ceremonies of the Heart and join us in May as well as in December.

The Sweatlodge of the Heart will be guided by : Nisa Silver Star Nations
date: 11 May 2019
times: Saturday 10 am till around midnight - or till Sunday around 12 am
(staying over is recommended)
where: Hilvarenbeek, NL
contribution: € 100,-
including organic food and overnight stay (in your own tent or in the tipi)

For registration mail here